An Established Human Resource Consulting Company

An Established Human Resource Consulting Company

About Us

Renaissance HR is an incorporated limited liability company (LLC) that offers specialized HR services.  Renaissance HR is committed to several principals:  We believe that it is more cost effective to work with internal talent in your company by identifying untapped human and business resources.  We focus on sharing and modifying best practices that logically fit into your company.   We believe good managers develop when presented with hands on learning, coaching and repeated practice. We believe that employees need and deserve a good manager that they can trust.  We believe in good culture and ethics makes you more profitable and a great place to work.


We aim to help you shape your business.

Our Team

Pam is an HR consultant with 20+ years in human resources leadership.  Prior to transitioning to human resources, she was employed as a labor union representative for four years.

In 2018, the New York State Society of Human Resource Management recognized Pam with Dennis Ryan Memorial Volunteer Award.   The award was presented in acknowledgment of her volunteerism and advancing the HR profession.

Pam believes that teams that work together move forward to become more productive. That is why she always strives to help our clients establish a professional relationship with their employees.

Why Choose Us

  • We specialize in helping small- to medium-sized companies. Our team achieves this by offering our guidance to other HR professionals and business leaders who need more focused assistance.
  • Additionally, we tutor starting business owners and their team on leadership. We do this to help them overcome and anticipate challenges that come operating a company in today’s complex environment.